Philly Bolide STUD COUNT Rage And Blaze On Their Razor-Sharp-Cutting Single ‘MANIACAL LAUGHTER’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 July 2022

Who: Punk/powerpop force from Philadelphia, PA
influenced by bands such as Wipers, Garbage, and Husker Dü

New album: STUD COUNT
Out: 22 July 2022 via Smartpunk Records


“We wrote this song about losing your friends to their own devices. Sometimes
it’s drugs, sometimes it’s rumours, sometimes it’s other stuff. Regardless of the
source, it’s painful as hell to watch people go from friends to strangers, but way
worse to watch them go from friends to monsters. ”

Turn Up The Volume: This is already the fifth piece of the
forthcoming full-length shared by this hefty Philly bolide.

Manicial Laughter is a razor-sharp-cutting knife hitting its target after just 91 red-hot-blistering seconds (average duration of a Ramones‘ song). No brakes, no break, full-blast ahead. Paranoid guitars, in-your-face vocals with an upbraid rage and blaze utterance. An insane corker. Bring on the album.

Press play and get puzzled…

STUD COUNT: Instagram – Twitter

All 5 shared cuts


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