Best Concert Of 2022… So Far

KIM GORDON – AB Venue, BRUSSELS – 29 May 2022

With a delay of one year (due to the pandemic) KIM GORDON landed in
last May for a flabbergasting show, nothing less than awesome.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s Turn Up The Volume‘s best concert of 2022 (so far).

1. Kim Gordon‘s 2019 debut solo album No Home Record was Turn Up The Volume‘s numero uno longplayer of that year. So, it was an amazeballs surprise she played it
almost in its entirety, with Hungry Baby as one of my fav tracks. Kimtastic.

2. Her band was a perfect fit for her wayward electro-industrial-noise-rock brain-heart-soul twists. Tight and firm with a cast iron force, and, as we like it, with the decibels turned up, like here…

3. Gordon‘s focus was striking as she wanted to have control over the whole performance, second per second. She definitely was in control. She came to play, not to tell endless stories between songs like many artists do, seemingly not understanding that it breaks
the flow and swagger of their set.

4. Kim didn’t go for an easy triumph by playing songs of the (fantastic) band she was in for 30 years (1981-2011). No need if your solo work (as mentioned above) is that grandiose, including her latest single Glass Jeans. But I must say that near the end she started to sway her guitar producing that trademark Sonic Youth turbulence for some moments, but this was Sonic Gordon at work making the crowd go ballistic with her distorted havoc.


5. The psychedelic/film noir razzmatazz on the huge screen in the back visualized
the electricity on stage tremendously well, a bonus to complete the stellar spectacle.

After 60 minutes of bloodcurdling Kim Gordon pizzazz we all left in awe.
You could hear the crowd buzzin’ on the way out. Wow!

Oops, almost forgot to say there’s actually a 6th reason why this is this my best live experience of the year so far. Aged 69, Kim still looks and moves as cool as fuck. Fact!


KIM GORODN: Instagram

(all concert photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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