Chill Out With Belgian Artist ABRAHAMBLUE And His Newest Vibe ‘PROVE IT’

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18 July 2022

Artist: abrahamblue
Who: the musical porject of
a Belgian singer-songwriter-producer.

“‘Prove It’ is a love song about the challenges an artist faces when establishing their closest relationships. The desire to want to open up and commit but at the same time not knowing if the love is true or if this slows an artist down. Constantly being on the road and the need to be able to live 100% in the moment is part of the artist experience. Meanwhile, a loved one is at home , waiting for their return.”

Turn Up The Volume: In these heatwave days, it’s really dangerous to go mental to punk, hardcore, metal and other related moshpit madness. Instead sit down, relax and chill out to this featherlight jazzy tune with its smooth John Legend vibe and its sensual soul lounge funkiness.

Abrahamblue‘s soft synth touches, his tranquil vocality, his R & B feel, and the exotic steel drums resonance here and there melt together and create a blissful daze of laziness. Hold your beloved one close-by, absorb the moment, and dream away, far from the hot reality.

Right here, right now…

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