KATE BUSH Is The Star Of A New Ultimate Music Guide Issue By Uncut Magazine


Following the recent No 1 hit success in the UK of KATE BUSH ‘s signature song
Running Up That Hill, 44 years after it was released for the first time, thanks to the many fans of Netflix’s science-fiction horror drama series Stranger Things (season 4) who were hugely impressed by the song when it was featured a few episodes ago, Uncut re-printed and re-issued their 2017 New Ultimate Music Guide Issue of Kate Bush

Kate Bush made a statement thanking fans for their support, and for enjoying her music.

“Told through in-depth writing about Kate’s albums (also her singles and videos), and in classic interviews from the archives of NMEMelody Maker and Uncut, it’s the whole story of this remarkable artist’s work – even though it might not yet be the complete one. As recent events have shown us, you can never quite tell when the next something good is going to happen.”

Purchase a copy HERE and let it be sent to your home.

You have to run up again, Kate…

KATE BUSH: Instagram

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