Today Belgium, Tomorrow The World – Mean Rock Machine RHEA Are Ready To Rumble

20 July 2022

If you don’t know the mean Belgian rock machine RHEA yet,
I’ll give you 5 reasons why they should be your next favorite gang.

1. Their sizzling powerhouse sound is bigger than the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris (before the fire). Think Australian bulldozers Wolfmother and badasses Queens Of The Stone Age. Pretty Herculean, right? You betcha.

2. Their 2020 debut LP LUST FOR BLOOD is a monster of a record. A tsunami of rollicking riff rippers, propelled by a merciless drums/bass turbine and a charismatic motormouth in the middle.

3. On stage, they rage and rush without brakes or breaks with all cylinders on.
Here’s a very loud and very clear idea of their blitzkrieg bluster when rollin’ live.

4. Their fans wear cool t-shirts.

5. These muttafokkers are about to take the world by storm.
Don’t miss them and don’t forget where you read this news first!

RHEA: Facebook – Instagram

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume – Ghent, Belgium, 18 July 2022)

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