Irish Chainsaw Shockers GILLA BAND Exorcise Their Demons In Belgium

22 July 2022

Who: Raw Irish post-punk projectile
Works: Debut album Holding Hands With Jamie,
2019 follow-up The Talkies and new upoming one
Most Normal, out 7th October.

Concert: Handelsbeurs venue, Ghent belgium – 18 July 2022

Five reasons why Turn Up The Volume was shocked and loved it.

1. Motormouth Dara Kiely is The Exorcist of post-punk pain.
You can feel his agony physically. FACT!

2. Bassist Daniel Fox operates in an bubble of his own creating bone-crushing
mayhem without blinking an eye. He creates fuzz/buzz blasts with 4 strings.

3. Alan Duggan is the chainsaw guitarist of this demonic quartet.
He cuts songs in pieces, one by one, with his maniacal noiz.

4. All together they produce a brain-breaking
brouhaha, people in straitjackets try to pogo to.


5. Their brand new single Eight Rivers causes, yes, shockwaves.

GILLA BAND: Facebook – Instagram – Pre-order Info New Album

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