Chrashing In The Name Of – TOM MORELLO Goes Down And Get Ups At RAGTM Concert In Toronto

Two nights ago at the Rage Against The Machine concert in Toronto,
guitarist Tom Morello was unintentionally pushed down by a security
guard while chasing a fan who found, somehow, a way to invade the stage
when the band started their classic concert closer Killing In The Name.

“Hold up! Hold up!” screamed Zack de la Rocha and stopped the performance,
but Morello was back on his feet and on stage in no time, supported by cheers
from the crowd.

Zack then yelled “Don’t try that shit. We’re cool, we love y’all but don’t do that”
before re-starting the blistering finale.

The crashing in the name of‘ happens around the 1-minute mark
below, towards the left of the stage where Morello was situated.

Fuck you, I won’t stay down, brother.

Watch out, Tom, lots of concerts yet to come.

RAGTM: Instagram

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