Big Star Concerts Are For The Big Rich – TICKETMASTER Charges Astronomic Ticket Prices For SPRINGSTEEN (And Many Others)

26 July 2022

A couple of weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen revealed
tour dates for a new 2023 North America stadium tour.

When fans searched for tickets – that went on sale last week – on the Ticketmaster website they ascertain varied income prices, but some of the “platinum” tickets cost as much as $5,000 .

Ticketmaster calls this a dynamic pricing model.

Dynamic pricing is Ticketmaster’s way of squeezing out scalpers and sites like StubHub and SeatGeek. The idea is that Ticketmaster can charge a ton for tickets when they first go on sale, and if the tickets are still available a while later, the prices might drop. This basically means that Ticketmaster is scalping its own tickets. Greedy bastards.

Variety reported that Ticketmaster defended its strategy with a statement that revealed statistics about costs and percentages for the dates that went on sale last week.

Downplaying the number of controversial “platinum” tickets with variable prices that reached as high as $5,000 apiece on the first day of on-sales, Ticketmaster says those represent only 11.2% of the overall tickets sold. By the ticketing service’s calculations, that left the other 88.2% of tickets sold at fixed prices that ranged from $59.50 to $399 before added service fees. Ticketmaster further says that the average price of all tickets sold so far is $262, with 56% being sold for under $200 face value.

Although the service does not dispute reports of tickets being priced through the platinum program for high as $4-5K, Ticketmaster is claiming that only 1.3% of total tickets so far have gone for more than $1,000.

Full Variety report here.

When the not-rich among us want to see big names play live these days, they need to rob a bank first. Over the years big rock concerts have become a privilege for the rich. It starts of course with the money-greedy artists.

It’s not only Springsteen. Check the ticket prices for Bob Dylan, Rafe Against The Machine, Kiss, Green Day, Nick Cave and so many more billionaire stars who became capitalist sharks over the years and just don’t care who can see them perform or not, as long as they pay.

The irony of it all is that many of those stars still claim to be for real and stand against all injustices in the world, except for the injustice of the fact that so many fans can’t afford a decadent concert ticket to see their idols play live. Fakers!


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