Welsh Engine THE ZINVANDELS Burn On New Riff-Schizophrenic Single ‘BLACKHOLES’

New striking strokes

26 July 2022

Who: 4 uproarious rockers from Wales

New single: BLACKHOLES
Their sixth one. A statement of intent
ahead of their debut LP release.

Turn Up The Volume: Oh my, oh my. Expect riff schizophrenia bucking up
this flipped-out stunner for its whole 4 minutes. Blackholes is a rollicking post-punk
juggernaut that scurries full tilt without looking back.

Add a steamed-up drums/bass tandem and poignant vocals and you know this
head-over-heels thunderstorm will attack your speakers on repeat.

These Welshmen are a burning engine.

Here’s why…

THE ZINVANDELS: Facebook – Instagram

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