EPITAPH RECORDS Support UKRAINE With 18-Track Benefit Compilation

26 July 2022

EPITAPH RECORDS, based in Los Angeles, is the legendary independent
music label founded in 1980 by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz.

The label built an impressive roster over the years of (in)famous and underground punk/rock/hardcore bands such as Social Distortion, Pennywise, The Ghost Inside, Rancid, Quicksand, Weezer, Jamie T, Quicksand and so many more progressive acts.
Full list here.

Epitaph, just as many other indie labels (hello major corporations???) support – with
the proceeds of music compilations – the Ukrainian people who suffer severely after
Russia invaded the country last February. The number of civilian casualties is horrific
and the cruel conflict is, as the world knows, far from over.

The digitally benefit compilation Epitath launched last April features 18 tracks
of 18 different artists/bands with old and more recent tracks. All profits go to
the Doctors Without Borders organization to help fund their humanitarian
actions in Ukraine.


1. ‘Animals’ by Architects (Amazon Original)
2. ‘Scavengers’ by Thrice
3. ‘Every Night’ by Millencolin
4. ‘Peaceful Day’ by Pennywise
5. ‘Toy Soldier’ by The Menzingers
6. ‘Wild Eyes’ by Parkway Drive
7. ‘Earth Is A Black Hole’ by Teenage Wrist
8. ‘Eye of the Quarrel’ by Converge
9. ‘My Sanity’ by Bad Religion
10. ‘Broken World’ by The Interrupters
11. ‘Indestructible’ by Rancid
12. ‘Sanctions’by Raised FIst
13. ‘One Choice’ by The Ghost Inside
14. ‘Daydreams/Heartbreaks’ by HUNNY
15. Early Eyes ‘Catch You’ by Early Eyes
16. ‘Cop Just Out OF Frame’by Propagandhi
17. ‘Ode to Joy 2’ by Remo Drive
18. ‘On The Radar’ by Grade 2

Buy this great collection here below on
Bandcamp for only $8 USD (or more) and
help the hard-stricken Ukrainian people.

EPITAPH: Website

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