Waking Up… Singing Happy Birthday To The Wonderful JULIANA HATFIELD

Works faster than caffeine

27 July 2022

Singer-songwriter JULIANA HATFIELD was born in Boston on 27 July 1967.

Happy 55 to the sassy rocker who played in bands such as Blake Babies, Some Girls,
The Lemonheads (with Evan Dando), and her own group The Hatfield Three. In between
all that fuss she had her debut solo, LP Hey Babe, out in 1992. She actually never took
a break. Last year her 19th longplayer, called Blood landed.

I just sang Happy Birthday To You, Juliana under the shower but before
ruining your morning I’d better play one of her songs to celebrate the lady.

I picked Universal Heart-Beat. The avid single from her 1995 album Only Everything.


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