CAPTAIN WILDCHILD – Canadian Borderline Screamers Have A Real Deafening ‘FANTASY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

26 July 2022

Photo by Lorraine Postma

Who: Soul piercing and ear-gnashing
rock ’n roll trio from Hamilton, CA.

New single: FANTASY
From their upcoming debut LP
out on 20th August.

“Our new song focuses on the distractions we’re constantly surrounded with
and how we need to overcome them. With the verses, we wanted the lyrics to
drop the listener into a fictional world of extravagance and splendor to contrast
that with the choruses, where we wanted to tease the listener with the reality
sitting right in front of their eyes.”

TUTV says: Holy bloody holy smoke! These mutta fukkers have four lungs and
use them to SCREAM out very loud. Moshpit time! Bonkers time! Borderline time!

This is how Green Day and all related rock billionaires would rage and blaze if they
were a genuine post-hardcore-punk band. The real clamorous deal is here, folks.
These wild children will drive you nuts.

Turn your stereo to the max and start a revolution from your kitchen. And when
the police knock at your front door to verbalize you for noise disturbance tell them
that you suffer of a real post-lockdown fantasy. Case closed.

Let the Captain do the talking…


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