Layered Californian Shoe-haze With GOLD GAWD And New Single ‘YOU SHOULD BE FINE DOWN THERE’

New striking strokes

29 July 2022

(Artwork album – photo by Devon Cohen)

Who: The flag under which California-based multi-instrumentalist
Matt Wainwright creates stormy, wounded shoegaze music born of
open tunings and R&B melodies.

New album: GOD GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE (awesome title)
Out: 23 September 2022 – pre-order info here

“‘God Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here’ took shape in the winter of 2020 while Wainwright was working long solo shifts at a coffee shop in Chicago. Fueled by dreams of returning to his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga and reconnecting with old friends from past hardcore bands. Wainright holed up with his coveted pink Jazzmaster, an array of FX pedals, and a laptop, and wrote the entire album in a month… Despite recording every instrument himself, the results have the lived-in feel of a practiced live band (which Cold Gawd now are, fleshed into a six-piece).”

The follow-up to lead-single Sweet Jesus Wept Shit

Turn Up The Volume: The haunting, multi-layered shoegaze reverb developed here
echoes the hallucinatory brilliance of My Bloody Valentine. Mysterious, enigmatic and narcotic.

Like dreaming in scary slow-motion, like running backward, like a what-the-fuck-is-going-on movie by David Lynch. Trust me, in the end, we will be all fine down there (I hope).

Press play and get puzzled…

Buy track here via Bandcamp

COLD GAWD: Instagram

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