Montreal Duo DOWN WITH SPACE Think For Themselves With New Athirst Single ‘KNOW I KNOW’

31 July 2022

Who: Montreal-based indie pop band comprised of
vocalist/guitarist Rob Helsten and drummer Steve Dumas.

New single: KNOW I KNOW

The song is about “the situation, where you are being fed a sugar coated version
of the truth, and how to start thinking for yourself. It’s about going for independence,
rebellion and challenging the norms.”

This new cut follows the previous rad single Not Your Time. With Know I Know
the sonic feel is quite different. It’s a more melodic tune with a steadfast bass
riff and rhythmic drum hits as its heartbeat. Funky groove.

And when the athirst BIG chorus fills the room with singer Rob Helsten having
the fervid gung-ho of The Afghan Whigs‘ ardent voice Greg Dulli my hair in the
back of my neck stands up. Yes, as I said, BIG. Touchdown.

The single’s artwork

“The Video for the song depicts a protagonist who just seems to be having a real bad day. They’re on a quest that begins with a bike lock that just won’t open, visit a friend who isn’t around and just can’t seem to find what they’re looking for at the convenience store. It’s
about being frustrated and confronting the difficulties you encounter.”

Watch/listen here…

You can buy the track here via Bandcamp.

DOWN WITH SPACE: Facebook – Bandcamp

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