All You Need Is Love (Lennon) – Soulful CHUDI HARRIS With Romantic Reflection ‘HOW IT’S ALWAYS BEEN’

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9 August 2022

Credit: William Dicks

Who: Musician/producer/photographer


Harris: “My first collaboration with co-writer and producer Carleton
Stone, reflecting on romance as well as the love and security that can
be shared between friends and family. I took inspiration from mid ’00s
pop punk, fusing that sound with my unique style of smooth vocals
and fun, thumpy bass”

Turn Up The Volume: How It’s Always Been is a mellow and romantic
reflection about what people drive, stimulate, and touch their hearts
and souls. As John Lennon once sang, ‘All You Need Is Love.

Unfortunately, some power-greedy political leaders don’t see it that way.
They should be brainwashed with romantic songs like this. Its subtle groove,
its laid-back feel-good resonance, its glossy guitar and moony bass lines, and
its soulful vocals, it all comes together seamlessly and create a sunlit atmosphere.

No mistake, we’re in love
That’s how it’s always been

Tune in…

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