THE RUDDY RUCKUS – Scream Along To Their Canadians New Anthemic Single ‘BLOODBATH

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9 August 2022

Who: Ardent indie rockers
from Hamilton, Canada

The single’s artwork

New single: BLOODBATH

About “that feeling of absolute desperation but making the decision to trudge through the messiness and carry on, even if the future is unclear. This song is a bit of a departure for us in terms of adding composition styles outside of our regular go to’s. There’s a bit of disco, a bit of Beatles like harmony, a bit of slide guitar. There’s a lot going on, we really love that wall of sound kind of guitar thing meeting all those little production and compositional elements that gets you moving and grooving.

Turn Up The Volume: This new anthemic belter follows their notable 2021 album Wenthworth And Main. Bloodbath already overwhelms you the first time the hellacious chorus blasts out of your wobbling speakers. The Ruddy Ruckus balance somewhere between robustious punk ‘n roll legends Green Day and Weezer.

Brawny guitars, a brash mid-tempo swagger, turned-on vocals and, as I said,
a hellacious chorus that goes through the roof, again and again. Touchdown!

Scream along.
Here and now…


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