FLIGHT ATTENDANT With Monumental Corker And Monumental Vocals – Hear ‘CRYABY’ Here

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10 August 2022

Who: An eclectic indie-pop/rock group from Nashville.
They blend guitar pop with viola, piano, synth and
electrifying vocals.

New single: CRYBABY

Karalyne Winegarner (songwriter/voice) “I’m personally so over being
sad and complaining about life. The constant, endless scrolling through the
hell of social media and comparing my life to others…. F*** that. This song
is about kicking and screaming my way out of depression until I feel like the
badass that I know I am.”

Turn Up The Volume: This Nashville unit already displayed their towering
potential in the recent past with several stellar singles. And with this titanic
tune they reach for the sky. Crybaby is an all-consuming rollercoaster bouncing
forth and back, slow and fast, left to right.

From smooth dream-pop vibes to excorcistic rock eruptions and lots of aural
tension in between until the clamorous climax floors you with a knockout uppercut.

What a monumental corker, what a monumental voice. Winegarner screams her lungs
out with gusto and venom, aimed at her vicious fiends. Although it feels like she’s her
own demon. A reason to get really anxious if you ask me.

Release the prima screams here…

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