Slow Burning ‘FEVER’ With Intense Rock Unit THE CASE

New striking strokes

10 August 2022

(credit: Bianca Petris)

Who: Firm 4-piece from Romania who started their journey in 2012, always
refining their rock & grunge sound. On their creative process, the band reckons
they “tried to create a space where originality prevails, to detach themselves from
the current musical cliches while glorifying their lord and savior David Bowie.

New single: FEVER

“‘Fever’ is about the passage of time, about the failed attempts to correlate the quality of
a relationship with its duration and intensity. The song is about happiness, sadness, breakup, and forgiveness. It would be love if we were to associate our new single with just one word.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is a mind-magnetic and slow-burning sonic torch.
Sounds both riveting and piercing as American alt-rockers The Afghan Whigs
did/do so impressively for years.

The Case develop a similar sensation of delirium with a huge wall-of-guitar force
and a king-sized grungy chorus with hot-blooded Chris Cornell-like vocals.

A cast-iron thunder stroke.

Lit the matches here…

THE CASE: Facebook – Instagram

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