Fresh Punk Rock Turbo ALREADY DEAD Screams For ‘STABILITY’

New striking strokes

11 August 2022

Who: Fresh punk rock trio from Massachusetts

Debut single: STABILITY
Also their first piece from their upcoming
debut LP My Collar Is Blue, out in October.

“‘Stability’ is a wanderlust song about chasing a dream or a life while still
maintaining the life you’ve built. It’s about the need or desire to go out and
pursue something but still knowing where your home is.”

Turn Up The Volume: Holy smoke! This is a red-hot-boiling racecar
exploding from the very first chord. A non-stop speedball stirred up by
a merciless rhythm section, riff-insane guitars, and in-your-face vocals.

At times, it feels as if this punked-up bolide is about to crash. I swear
you will be out of breath after these 3 1/2 minutes of never-looking-back

Already dead? Absolutely not!
They’re a turbulent turbo

Here’s why…


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