THE AFGHAN WHIGS – A Sonic Jet And God’s Rock Voice In Belgium

12 August 2022

Two days ago THE AFGHAN WHIGS landed in Belgium and played at
the 10-day Lokerse Feesten Festival. I was, as a longtime fan waiting for
weeks to see Greg Dulli and his whirlwind band back at work on a stage.

I wasn’t alone. Despite the heatwave, 10.000 enthusiastic people joined me
for a blazing show turning up the degrees even more (the organizers made free
water available. Unfortunately, the beer wasn’t for free). I’ll give you 10 highlights,
but first I’ll Make You See God, the seething lead single of the upcoming album.


1. Just the fact that The Whigs came
to Belgium again after 7 years got me high

2. Their set was fucktastic.
No fillers all killers.

3. Greg Dulli‘s voice is out-of-this-world.
Unique Godlike rock pipes.

4. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes.
Full steam ahead like a sonic jet.

5. No BS chatter between songs. Only music, music, and music
to keep the heatwave momentum and the ecstatic crowd going.

6. Their wall-of-psychedelic sound made
me gasp for breath at times. Jaw-dropping.

7. No arty farty light show for The Whigs (like Kings Of Leons
displayed the day before) to shine brightly. Their boundless
vehemence does not need special effects. Their towering
rippers do the talking.

9. The new supreme single ‘I’ll Make You See God’ (the thundering opener)
and ‘Aline Of Shots’ are a loud and clear harbinger for an astounding album.

10. They made you see (hear) Bo Diddley too.
Who do we love? The Afghan Whigs. Hands down.

God’s rock voice


1. I’ll Make You See God
2. Matamoros
3. Light as a Feather
4. Oriole
5. The Tide
6. Gentlemen
7. Who Do You Love?
(Bo Diddley cover)
8. Fountain and Fairfax
9. Algiers
10. Heaven on Their Minds
11. Somethin’ Hot
12. A Line of Shots
13. John the Baptist
14. Summer’s Kiss
15. My Enemy
16. Into the Floor
17. There Is a Light
(The Smiths cover)

New album HOW DO YOU BURN? out 9 September. Pre-order info here

THE AFGHAN WHIGS: Facebook – Instagram – Website- Spotify

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