Go Nuts With Thunder And Lighting Punk Compilation ‘JAPAN IS LOUD’

16 August 2022

Cover art by Yuko Shimizu

Atlanta, GA based public relations/promo music agency Adult Swim (more than 6.5 million followers on Facebook) frequently shares singles-series featuring specific music scenes and genres.

Now and then they manufacture comps dedicated to electronic, jazz, metal, and dream-pop. Their newest collection, named JAPAN IS LOUD puts the Japanese thundering and lighting punk rock scene in the sonic picture, featuring famous and soon-to-be-famous acts.

Expect ear-piercing punk-extravaganza with red-smoking-hot-blooded
explosions, sharp-cutting slams and clamorous post-hardcore fury.


1. ‘Alligator’ by ODDLY
2. ‘Chu Chu Song’ by OTOBOKE BEAVER
3. ‘Red’ by LOOPRIDER
4. ‘To Raffle or not to Raffle’ by MELT BANANA
5. ‘I Don’t Care’ by MOPHING PEOPLE
6. ‘X’ by BORIS
7. ‘Dark Matter’ by P-IPLE
8. ‘Hatred and Sadness’ by SKITLASS
9. ‘Show You My Soy Sauce’ by TSUSHIMAMIRE
10. ‘Smile Magnet Boy’ by MENGU
11. ‘The Consumer’ by SOUK
12. ‘Waq’ by FUTACHI
13. ‘Psychic Obsession’ by DMBQ


Below, with stunning psychedelic visuals, via YouTube
(you can click and jump from track to track if you want to).
So far no details of where/when you can buy/download
the compilation.

What to do? Play it LOUD, of course…

Adult Swim: Link Tree

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