18 August 2022


Who: The musical project of 60s survivor Otto von Ruggins.
An experimental, New York-based, act being around for light-years,
mixing Space-Goth-Tribal-New-Wave rock and other me(n)tal bangs.
Think legendary eccentrics Devo fooling around with avant-garde
freaks The Residents.

Track/video clip: SUMMER DAYS

This year was the 40th Parade

OTTO VON RUGGINS about the song and its video clip: “I wrote Summer Days a lifetime ago, in 1967, thinking it was in The Rascals style. I came across the lyrics recently & after playing the old music, I figured it needed some new music for today, which I had created in the Spring during my break at work using my iPad. Enter Summer Days & my concept of the most familiar iconic event that ushers in the Summer – Coney’s Island Mermaid Parade I have been videotaping these parades for over 30 years & this video is the pick of my best footage. As I worked on the video, I felt as though I had choreographed the participants to dance to my music & then captured it with my camera.”

Expect summer melancholia in sound and vision, and in thoughts. Gently weeping
guitars and psychedelic synth sketches move at the slo-mo speed of the parade
and vice versa. And Otto‘s wistful vocals complete the sepia-colored memory.

Back to the future sentiments all the way.

Enjoy the parade here…

OTTO VON RUGGINS: Facebook – Soundcloud

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