Song/Tunesmith BEN TYLER Shares Universal Emotions On His New Enchanting Album ‘:PHOENIX’

18 August 2022

Who: A New Jersey native who started his musical journey at the age of 15.
He played in various bands while in Albany, NY and Boston before finding himself
in a small corner of the Lehigh Valley. His pop-based melodies and emotionally-driven lyrics. He now lives in Allentown, PA with his family and is putting more focus back into songwriting while fine-tuning his indie folk/pop style.


New album :PHOENIX

Press info: “His palpable vulnerability and wise conclusions are
so distinct that it is hard to ignore how it tugs on your heartstrings.
Like the mythical phoenix, Ben Tyler successfully rises from the ashes
and starts a new chapter with grace and candor”

Turn Up The Volume: Tyler does what every inspired and romantic singer-songwriter does. Translating universal human emotions experienced in their personal life to heart-and-soul touching songs for everybody. Tyler charms with bittersweet symphonies (Ready / Here Comes The Light, with candlelight ballads (On My Way Home / Stay / Ashes / Colide / With You), upbeat earworms (Doin It My Way / Somebody), a tender Tom Petty cover (Won’t Back Down), and last but not least with his compelling and nostalgic voice.

Overall an enchanting achievement.

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