GILLA BAND – Irish Post Punk Chainsaws GILLA BAND Share Hallucinatory Love Song ‘BACKWASH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

19 August 2022

Who: Raw Irish post-punk projectile
Works: Debut album Holding Hands With Jamie,
2019 follow-up The Talkies and new upcoming one
Most Normal, out 7th October.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume – Ghent July 2022)

Can’t wait for the Irish post-punk-chainsaw turbo’s new LP.
Their psyche-piercing anarchy sound gives me goosebumps.

We already got the vintage bone-breaking GB single
Eight Shivers and here’s the follow-up Backwash.

Dara Kiely about the new piece: “Backwash” is one of the few tracks where
the words represent a dream-like circumstance. The lyrics are from a stream of
consciousness rant, weird imagery and all that. The track is about attraction – fancying someone and not knowing what to say exactly. It’s an indirect love song, knowing you like someone but can’t quite articulate it. Thinking that you have already expressed your feelings, but like waking up from a dream you’ve forgotten what you actually have said or felt.

Surprise, surprise, Gilla Band can rock too.
Well, the Gilla Band way, that is.

You can boogie-woogie
here below…

New album THE NEW NORMAL is out on 7 October via Rough Trade.

GILLA BAND: Facebook – Instagram

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