Canadian Celtic Barflies THE MAHONES Invite You For The ‘LAST CALL AT THE BAR’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 August 2022

Who: Celtic punk-rock collective from Kingston, Ontario.
They formed on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990.
Works: 12 studio albums, 3 compilation albums,
2 live albums, and 2 EPs. Explore their Spotify page.

Release: 7 October via The North Records

Finny McConnell (frontman): “No politics, no religion,
just good times, and everybody having fun. Unity is the
underlying message.
” Sounds like the perfect world
to me.


“It’s a song that bartenders can relate to – that feeling you get when
you tell everybody to bug off and go home. It’s a fun song that sticks
in your head, and it fits the Jameson Street theme.”

TUTV: If you are a fan of Irish/British desperados The Pogues and/or
Boston’s mavericks The Dropkick Murphys there’s a great chance you
know Canadian party animals The Mahones too.

If not, keep on reading.

If you are a regular barfly you’ll beg the bartender to have
their new swaying single on his customers’ playlist and play
it out loud on his speakers.

It’s a booze anthem that’s very welcome in these grim times. Invite your
zombie friends too and celebrate the last call with a big tasty pint, while
dreaming about a perfect bar world without politics and religion .

Bottoms up, folks and sing along

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify

THE MAHONES: Facebook – Instagram

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