Madchester Garage Punks BONES SHAKE Knock You KO With Their New Blasting Album ‘BLEED’

Standout longplayers

23 Augustus 2022

Who: A scuzzy, fuzz enthused garage rock trio formed in Manchester in 2011.
They play everything to the extreme; violent bottle-neck blues riffs, drums kicked, pounded, and exploited, and squeals of reverb drenched vocals which when
combined, will help save your soul.

New album: BLEED

Bones Shake: “Bleed is a regurgitation of sins, regrets and remorse. Bleed came
about over lockdown; we broke everything apart and tried to put everything back
together again afterwards. We tried adding a bass, a second guitar: none of it
worked but trying those things it inadvertently changed the sound, it became
bigger, more urgent, more primal. It was us against the world again”

Turn Up The Volume: What to expect? Raw can your pussy do the dog cramps
with bad-ass tuned guitars and demonic howls (Hey Hey / Bleed ). Raw stooge power delivered with I wanna be your dog teeth (Unwell / Psychotic & Sweet). Gloomy Jon Spencer blues (Give Me Something / Cold Heart) and a psych-o-billy garage blast (Come Home).

Release the Madchester bats.

Buy/stream BLEED
here on Bandcamp


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