Puzzling Band MOUNT FOREL Launch New Puzzling Video For Their Puzzling Single ‘CENTRALIA SCEPTICS CLUB’

24 August 2022

(Photo by Andrew Rankin)

Who: International post-punk team based in London


The single’s great artwork

This puzzling band have their 2nd album, baptized Sub Rosa Stories coming soon.
It features an uneasy group of secret symphonic modern tales. Each petal that falls
from the rose tells a story of chaos and consequence from somewhere in the world. Sounds weird, ominous and… totally cool.

Centralia Sceptics Club is a taster of what to expect.

“There’s a fire that’s been burning under the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania
for over 50 years and may continue for another 250! It started as a waste dump
fire before spreading to the coal mine under the town. Centralia used to be a town
of 1,200 people but now only a handful remain and although there’s toxic fumes
and smoke coming from cracks in the ground, the last few refuse to leave, even
after the local government offered to rehouse them!”

Musically it’s a psychedelic wall-of-electrifying-sound jam. A transcendent trip towards
a dark place. As ska icons The Specials once sang “ This town is coming like a ghost town.“. This is the idea. Eerie stuff.

The accompanying video is as spooky and puzzling as the song. Do you know the 60s hit This Wheel’s On Fire, Rolling Down The Road by Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll? That’s the spirit here…

MOUNT FOREL: Website – Facebook – Instagram

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