THE DEADSTOCK 33s And BRIX SMITH Go Tubular On New Psychedelic Move And Groove Jam

Daily electricity to load your batteries

24 Augustus 2022

Photo Credit: Kate Green Photograph


Who: The alias of underground producer/DJ, artist Justin Robertson with
over 30 years’ experience as an innovator and restless proponent of fascinating
forward-thinking electronic dance music, and Mark E Smith‘s widow who played
with The Fall from 1983-1989, and from 1994-1996.

Title track from the upcoming 4-track EP
on September 23rd.

The track’s artwork

Justin Robertson: “We wanted to capture the spaciousness of a distant beach as the surf rolled in and the sound of a rider in the tube of the wave. The wide-open palette of dub and particularly the vibe of Compass Point was very much our touchstone. There are hints of the Tom Tom Club in there too, for good measure”.

Brix Smith: “I’ve always longed to collaborate with Justin, who can manipulate sound in a
very different way than myself. He is a magician who creates dimension transcending sonic atmospheres. The metaphor of surfing came to me instantly when I first heard the track.
Surfing is a dynamic physical and spiritual experience. You are ‘in tune’ with Mother Nature”.

TUTV: This ongoing electro-house throbbing is what your hips need to prolong the summer feeling. Tubular is a relaxing mid-tempo jam with a Jah Wobble-like dub rhythm.

You can move and groove to it alone, with your partner, or in a club looking for a partner, or while surfing on the nearest river, actually anywhere you want to chill out and go tubular and nuclear with this surprising but perfectly matching duo.

Sultry stroke.

Short version for the lazy ones

Extended version for the night owls

THE DEADSTOCK 33s: Discography – Facebook
BRIX SMITH: Bio – Facebook

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