THE LOUNGE SOCIETY Join The British Post-Punk Rebirth With Wayward Debut Album ‘TIRED OF LIBERTY’

Standout longplayers

26 August 2022

Who: Post-punk indies from
Calder Valley, Northern England

More about the band in this NME Interview

Released: 26 August 2022

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Far Out Magazine says: “Tired of liberty is an exciting mix of ideas that documents
the band’s kerosene lurch to prominence while offering a succulent platter for future
direction. What shores this young, intriguing quartet will sail to next is anyone’s guess,
but my ears will be sure to follow.”
Full review here. Score: 4.5/5.

TURN UP THE VOLUME: Songs about growing up in a scary world, about confusing emotions, about abuse of political power, about having more questions than answers, about this messed-up world. Nervous guitars, pumping bass, rock steady drums, haunting vocals, capricious tunes that weirdly stick, wayward twists and turns. You won’t get tired of this rad record.

Get the picture? Yes, with this ace debut LP The Lounge Society joins the already
impressive cast of the British post-punk rebirth with young gunslingers such as
Ditz, Silverbacks, black midi, Shame, The Murder Capital and New Country Black Road.

UK indie is working its way back to its prominent place in music for
a couple of years now and getting close to its peak. Don’t miss it!

Singles/clips: Blood Money / No Driver / Upheaval




Stream the full album on Spotify…

THE LOUNGE SOCIETY: Facebook – Instagram

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