Grand Irish Voice LEE ROGERS Shares Video Clip For New Album Highlight ‘UNEASY LOVE’

27 August 2022

Who: Singer-songwriter from the small town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.
His musical inspiration was drawn from classic voices outside of the tensions in
his homeland. Bill Withers, Marc Cohen, Tom Waits, and other great ones.

One of the highlights of his new, 2nd album  Gameblood
(you can read TUTV’s review here)

Rogers about the song: “I once travelled around Australia with a beautiful woman who set me on lots of the better paths I have taken in life, but she left the planet for her next journey a while back. I later had a dream that I was in an old car we had out there, driving in the middle of nowhere, listening to the only tape we had in the car, which was the album ‘Mule Variations’ by Tom Waits. I got excited when I looked round and saw her in the passenger seat, sun-bleached hair, tanned skin, bare feet on the dashboard. She then started glitching in and out of vision, like she was going to disappear completely. I woke up gutted, went to my studio with tears in my eyes and wrote this song.”

About the video: “It wasn’t easy and seemed to give my director Jamie Neish and I the run around! However, when he came up with the idea of projectors and leaning a little into film
noir style visuals, I knew we were onto something.”

A grand voice, a romantic song and a melancholia-colored video clip combined have all it needs to send shivers down your spine. This is what this Irish songsmith does with heart and soul, here and on all the way on his new longplayer.


LEE ROGERS: Facebook – Instagram

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