London’s Gunslingers MORE KICKS Hit With New Sassy Stroke ‘TERMINAL LOVE’

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27 August 2022

Who: The band arrived from nowhere – seemingly fully formed – at the end of 2017 on London’s garage scene. They generate an explosion of pop melodies, jet-fuelled guitar riffs, and shifting, sinewy rhythms with The band arrived from nowhere – seemingly fully formed – at the end of 2017 on London’s garage scene.

New album: PUNCH DRUNK
2nd longplayer following their 2019 debut LP
Release: 16 September through Stardumb Records
and USA’s Dirtnap Records.

“Punch Drunk marks a new era for the band: heavier, more expansive, and with more twists and turns. It veers from sparkling harmonies to fearsome riffing in the blink of an eye, with never a second wasted. As with the first record, it was recorded live on to 2” tape. It’s bottled lightning and the sound of a band firing on all cylinders.

James Sulli (frontman): “When the world collapsed in 2020, I realized more than ever how much I rely on music and More Kicks. This album became a total obsession and a lifeline. Stuck in one place, the songs all came from heartbreak, frustration, anger, hope. It feels like a unique set of circumstances that produced this record and I’m really proud of what we’ve done.” We can’t wait to play it for as many people as possible”.

New single/clip: TERMINAL LOVE

The video was shot while on a two-week tour of Spain, is a video-diary of a band on the road consisting of petrol stations, the Spanish countryside and the typical daily routine of traveling musicians.

Sulli: “As is increasingly becoming a motto for More Kicks, we decided to make a virtue of it. When we’re old men in our rocking chair on the porch, I’m happy to say this video is very much what it looks like to be on tour with us. Service station ice lollies, a desperate hunt for weird local bars, deranged pre-show voice-saving techniques”.

Score: This jingle jangle firecracker made my day after just one spin. These are
the sort of sticking pick-me-up songs that make my excited ears flapping with joy.

After the slow mixed-emotions intro, it’s all about whistle-stop guitar fieriness until
the moody fade out. There’s a combination of 60s The Sonics licks, 90s The La‘s electric
and vocal ravishment served with a garage resonance. More kicks indeed.


MORE KICKS: Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

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