Musings for the laziest day of the week

28 August 2022

Photo credit: Hania Kantor

Who: London-based artist who brings a truly genreless approach to her musicality. Honing down an impressive repertoire, Fox’s musical endeavours shine brightly, as she brings her unique chronicles to life. Defining her truly unique soundscape, her rich musical heritages take the shape of influences such as St. Vincent, Jack White and Marina & The Diamonds, as Fox prides herself on an ability to stay genuine to her unique artistry.

New single: RUNNING

‘Running’ is a story of a lost soul seeking love but fighting with demons living in her head since she was very little. She feels devoid of emotions, therefore, believing there is not much left in her to give and that she doesn’t deserve true love.”

Isn’t this is a song from the Twin Peaks soundtrack? The enigmatic 90s American mystery serial drama television directed by genius David Lynch. Weird but true, this was the first thought that crossed my mind when I heard this ghostly beauty.

Lyrically – about a lost soul with demons living in her head – as well as musically – Chris Isaak‘s glossy guitar echoes, slow-mo pace and haunting vocals – this pensive ballad resonates Lynchesque. Arresting performance.

Press play and get impressed.

JOULIE FOX: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

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