Toronto Trio THE BLACK FEVER Move With New Single ‘ALL TO MYSELF’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

30 August 2022

Who: A three-piece post-punk band based in Toronto.
Formed in 2009, they three released three albums and
one EP, so far.

New single: ALL TO MYSELF
From their upcoming EP

“Sometimes, it’s easier to write a song about someone you care about,
rather than express those words directly. Here’s hoping they get to hear
this song, and realize that it’s about them. Unrequited love set to music.”

All To Myself is an 8-minute slow-motion jam. Both yearning and wistful
with gloomy and psychedelic shadows. Hankering vocals express the desire
to touch the heart of the one you love secretly. The finale is breathtaking.
Febrile emotions and a weeping guitar à la Interpol‘s characteristic
timbre of feverish electricity.

“There’s just one thing I ask; you, all to myself.”

THE BLACK FEVER: Facebook – Instagram

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