Garage Blues Therapy Duo DETROIT REBELLION Have A Nasty ‘CLAP OF THUNDER’ Single Out

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 September 2022

Who: Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Tostee uniquely exploring
a world of gritty blues and garage rock with drummer Micaiah
, taking their name from the 1967 Detroit Riot

From the forthcoming – 3rd – album Fake News due this fall.

Tost: “Thematically Fake News is overall an internal and external
existential therapy session. Dealing with a history of mental health
issues and how to feel sane in an insane world” 

TUTV: This red-hot-roaring rollercoaster thunders all the way with
turned-up decibels for the psychotic guitar-charged chorus. Think
Queens oF The Stone Age fronted by Jack White.

It’s a rollicking beast of a jackhammer, growling like a protest riot
against all the ongoing bullshit in this troubled world. The real news
is that this ablaze garage blues duo has a therapeutic impact.
So much cheaper than your shrink. Fire him.

“And there’s a clap of thunder here it come
You a man or mouse tell me son
Cause what don’t kill you make you strong
Clap of thunder here it come”

Hurry yourself to a green field and freak out…

Stream/buy the single via Bandcamp.

DETROIT REBELLION: Facebook – Instagram

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