Genuine Rocker ROBYN HITCHCOCK Rolls Once More On New Ardent Ripper Of His Upcoming Album – ‘THE RAGING MUSE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

Singer/songwriter ROBYN HITCHCOCK who started his career back in
the 70s with psych punk band The Soft Boys went solo in 1981, canned
no less than 21 albums so far and a new one baptized SHUFFLEMANIA!,
his first one in 5 years, arrives on 21 October.

Pre-order info here.

Recorded in locations around the world over the pandemic era, SHUFFLEMANIA!
offers up 10 gloriously ingenious new Robyn Hitchcock songs in just under 40 minutes,
a “proper pop album” as nature intended, manifesting his signature wit, miraculous
gift for melodic craftsmanship, and striking humanity in a world gone mad.

Follows the swirling title track.

ROBYN HITCHCOCK: Songs come to me alive and flickering, fresh from the lake of my subconscious. I’m a compulsive writer. “The Raging Muse” was written in Nashville in 2020. It began life as a sketchy home recording, just me and my old Telecaster — the same guitar I played on Element Of Light back in 1986 — this time around faithfully engineered by Tubby and Ringo. Once I had the bones of the song, I sent it to my friend Davey Lane in Melbourne, who fleshed it out with spiky lead guitar, and then onto Charlie Francis in Cardiff, who added the melodramatic piano and bagpipes. The fish in the grass in this song are one of my many recurring dreams, I’m sure they’ll appear again soon.

There’s no age limit for writing rockin’ rippers like Hithcock does it here once again.
Music streams through his veins, comes from the heart and make his and our soul
glow. Genuine entertainment!

ROBYN HITCHCOCK: Website – Discography

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