Trip-Hopper DFlexXx Activates All Your Limbs With Wham Bloody Bam Booster ‘MUS B’

New striking strokes

3 September 2022

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Artist: DFlexXx
Who: 23-year-old Cardiff born
Welsh rapper Darnell Ramone Williams

New single: MUS B (Battery Remix)

“Mus B” flaunts a huge production sound with a thumping drum track – driven by a punching kick – dense synths and immense bass which you can’t help but groove to. The chorus melody is incessantly catchy and pays credit to DFlexXx who wrote the song in just one hour!”

TUTV: Wham bloody wham bam. This dancefloor filler/killer activates your limbs
from the first pumping beat on. Firework for crowdy nightclubs, or played to the max when speeding in your car, or under the shower, wherever you are at the moment this
lift-me-up banger hits your hungry ears. You’ll jump up and down, left and right.

Dynamite stuff!

Go bonkers!

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