Holy Riff Smoke – Here’s Mean Rock Machine DEAD LEVEE With ‘SHOUT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 September 2022

Photo Credit: Nicole Malcolm

Who: Old-school no-nonsense five-piece rock
band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

New single: SHOUT

Our new song, “Shout,” came about from a tough situation. It’s funny ’cause we can laugh about it now, but our previous singer canceled on us hours before the band had to be on
stage for an entire night of live music.

Naturally, to fulfill our contract there was some improv on stage that night. To fill dead air,
our guitarist “Sweet Baby” Ray Klapatiuk, started playing a random riff and the rest of the band jumped in. Our bassist (and now lead vocalist!) Tayler “Izzy” Morgan even started singing lyrics on the spot that fit the vibe. This impromptu jam was brought to the studio, and “Shout” was born.”

Turn Up The Volume: This mean Canadian rock machine nails it again. Imagine
The Black Crows and Guns ‘n Roses have a nasty rollicking riff fight. Blustering, right? Turbulent, right? Ear-splitting, right? You betcha, you betcha and you betcha. The vociferous vitality and electric-powered eagerness at play here goes straight through
the roof.

SHOUT tests your lungs’ potency. SHOUT is a wallbreaker. SHOUT is a let-it-all-out loud haymaker. Get the picture? Dead Levee are the alive and kicking proof of the timelessness of classic guitar rawk ‘n’ roll. And yes, I wonder too if it’s Axl Rose who’s screaming his head off in the end.

Holy riff smoke.
Play it to the max.

DEAD LEVEE: Facebook

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