We All Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But We All Like It – Here’s TEN NO. 6 With New Album ‘HOT MESS’

8 September 2022

Band: TEN NO. 6
Who: Rawk ‘n’ roll junks from England

New Album: HOT MESS

“This debut album is a comely car crash
of punk, pop, glam, and all points wherever.

Somewhat in the same caseload as Bandicoot and other acts currently pillaging
and plundering the Seventies like post-paisley Vikings on biker acid, coming across
like long-lost power-pop demos by some wannabe RAK or BOMP! signing circa 1975.”

TUTV: What’s happening here? Riffs, hooks and licks fly all over the place (Don’t Matter Anymore / Don’t Understand At All / Cassie’s Dead and more), Non-stop drum punches keep the trashy cadence going (I Know A Man / Gone So Long / Something Better and more) and frontwoman Lizzie Gormley spices it all up with her loud and clear and sexy voice (Turning Of The Page is her awesome standout performance of the record).

Dirty blues stompers, non-nonsense boogie woogie swingers, punk and roll crackers, garage rippers. It’s a hot and messy trip to the past to have a smashing time NOW and HERE. We all know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but we all like it.

Buy/stream the whole mess here.

TEN NO. 6: Facebook

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