Californian Guitar Pop Quartet WIDOWS GOLD With Glam Gem ‘I CAN’T HELP YOU’

9 September 2022

Who: Riveting rock outfit from Costa Messa, California that
made an auspicious entrance onto the music scene last year.

New single: I CAN’T HELP YOU
2nd one from the upcoming debut LP (out January 2013),
following lead single Inside.

“I Can’t Help You” is about uncertainties that surround diving into a new relationship.
Contrary to what it may sound like, the title lyric actually depicts wanting someone to stay. Sonically, the song is our modern take on ‘80s new wave. The guitar tone is reminiscent of Johnny Marr from The Smiths, the vocals have atmospheric harmonies, the drums and percussion are treated with nostalgic reverb and the bass line has a relentless groove that keeps you leaning closer at every turn.

TUTV: This melancholic mid-tempo guitar pop tune seduces your ears on the spot.
The infectious combination of a jaunty rhythm section, flickering guitars, a toe-tapping melody, a sickly sticky chorus, and last but not least Madeline Star‘s soulful and romantic voice, turn I Can’t Help You into a glam gem. Touchdown!

Help yourself right here…

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify

WIDOWS GOLD: Instagram

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