Yes You Can Dance To LAMBCHOP – Here’s The Bass-Driven Stroke ‘LITTLE BLACK BOXES’ From Their Upcoming Bible

New striking strokes

9 September 2022

Who: The brainchild of Nashville singer/songwriter Kurt Wagner
Active: Since 1986 / 16 studio LPs (new one icnluded).

New album: THE BIBLE
Out: 30 September – order info here.


Kurt Wagner: “This song was created in a hot, sweaty, smoky, room on a mid-July evening, filled with six or seven sweaty Minnesotans, four or five laptops, a piano, a smoke machine,
and some laser lighting all throbbing to an undeniably infectious groove, it’s a wonder we all survived. But here we are. Lightning in a beer bottle.”

Yes, you can dance to Lambchop.
Pump up the bass, guys…

LAMBCHOP: All Albums – Facebook

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