Even More Obscure Than Before – VAZUM Release Their New Stellar Single ‘DOUBLE STELLIUM’

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10 September 2022

Band: VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)

Who: Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. The project started in 2017.
They describe their sound as deathgaze, combining the raw energy
of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. So far the duo released
four albums and a handful of singles and EPs.


In astrology having a double stellium can be very intense with a lot of energy focused
in specific areas. Pliska and Sturm both have double stelliums in their astrological charts.

To be honest I had no idea what Stellium means. So I googled and found this defenition:
“A conjunction between more than two planets. A stellium can fall within one house or across the cusp between two houses but within one sign.”

Vazum sounds even more obscure than before. This new piece is a semi-industrial,
semi-Gothwave jam. Enigmatic, but so challenging and inventive. No birds and bees for them. They have a universe of their own, a double stellium and a stellar vision on how to unify music and psyche. It makes them special, it makes them intriguing. I can’t be happier with that.

Enter Vazum space here…

VAZUM: Facebook – Instagram

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