Japanse Riot Grrrls OTOBOKE BEAVER With Maddening Missile ‘CHU CHU SONG’

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11 September

Band: OTOBOKE BEAVER – おとぼけビ~バ~
Who: All-female riot grrl group from Kyoto, Japan

Active: Since 2099 – 3 albums so far: Okoshiyasu!! Otoboke Beaver (2016),
Itekoma Hits (2019) and Super Champon (May 2022).

New single: CHU CHU SONG

It’s actually the very first song the band wrote, but wasn’t released until now.

Chu Chu Song is totally Otoboke Beaver, as we know them. Chainsaw guitars,
deranged drum attacks and scream-and-yell eruptions. Pure dynamite punk.
No brakes, no breaks, no snakes. A maddening missile this is. Holy moley.

For all of our Japanese-speaking readers, here’s the chorus…


Stream/buy Chu Chu Song here.

OTOBOKE BEAVER: Facebook – Instagram

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