New striking strokes

12 September 2022

LUKE HAINES (mastermind of former Britpop-rock outfit The Auteurs and R.E.M. guitarist PETER BUCK have their second collaborative album, named All Kids Are Super Bummed Out on 26th October.

The duo stated this about the record on their website: “It feeds LSD to a broken Moog synthesiser. Luke Haines sings songs about God, provides an occasional strum on his guitar, and blows Pan’s flute,” “Scott McCaughey (The Young Fresh Fellows) plays the bass and mellotron and Linda Pitmon (The Baseball Project) bangs the ritual drum. Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) drops in and has a nightmare in the key of doo-wop.”

With that statement they also shared the first single, titled
Psychedelic Sitar Casual. A psychedelic jingle-jangle rocker
that sounds as a, yes, early R.E.M. cracker.

HAINES & BUCK; Website

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