MISTY COAST – Back To The Future With New Shoegaze Rainbow’THE END OF THE BEGINNING’

New striking strokes

15 September 2022

PPhoto by Arne Frøkedal

Who: Chamber psych-pop duo – Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust – from Norway
that conjures mental images of celestial bodies, kaleidoscopic bliss and mountain streams flowing into fjords. They already have two albums under their belt. Their self-titled debut (2017), Melodaze (2019) and When I Fall From The Sky.


“The End of the Beginning is a nostalgia trip, where we reminisce back to a time when it was okay to be naive and live in the present – for better or worse. We have drawn inspiration from music that has left a clear mark on us from early adolescence, from a whirlwind of memories and fantasies that both feel so enormously close and which, fortunately, have long since passed.”

TUTV: For this new piece Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust‘s minds went down
memory lane to get inspired artistically by their musical preferences of their
adolescent years.

They took notes and came back to cement the experiences of those bygone
times for the future in a song. The End Of The Beginning is a shoegaze rainbow,
but one that’s sepia colored. The mood overall is blue-sky, idyllic, and halcyon.
So is the musing’s slo-mo progression, Frøkedal‘s foggy vocals, and the glowing
synth waves. A beauty to embrace.

Start dreaming here.

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