British Misfits DEATHRETRO With New Haunting Single ‘DARK HOSS’

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16 September 2022

Who: Alt indie 4-piece founded by three friends from the villages of Cumbria (UK). They forged a sound alive with the drama of the sprawling hillsides that surrounded them and the local party scene they grew up in. Now based in Manchester and accompanied by their producer/drummer. The band released its self-titled debut late last year, followed by
EP Pistols.

New single: DARK HOSSS

“Dark Hoss” started life as a Cure-inspired track, but took a turn in the studio and
shifted towards warped Depeche Mode-meets-Nine Inch Nails territory

Turn Up The Volume: Dark Hoss is a cutting post-Goth-wave stomper to start and end obscure underground parties with. The nervous guitars sound haunting, the shadowy vocals sound haunting and so do the whamming rhythm section. You really don’t need more to dim the lights and pretend that you are in an ill-lit disco and have a glorious nightmare.

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