Goosebumps – Manchester Collective SYLVETTE Cover Heavyhearted NIN Musing

17 September 2022

Photo credit: Jade Ashley Yong

Who: Manchester five-piece Sylvette, formed 6 years ago. They have built a cult fan base around the country with their dynamic blend of emotive art-rock and Kafkaesque lyrics. Describing themselves as “Björk meets Black Midi, Nine Inch Nails and Black Country New Road”, the band’s name is inspired by the enchanting muse who appears in many of Picasso’s famous paintings.

They’re ready to go on the road. But first, their goosebumps cover of RIGHT WHERE
, a pearl of a ballad by Nine Inch Nails (from their 2005 With Teeth LP).

“”Right Where It Belongs’ is the first cover we’ve ever played together that really felt like we made it our own. The song is about questioning your reality and how going through change
and trauma can distort the way you perceive yourself. It really felt appropriate for the theme
of our upcoming album ‘Single Thread’, so we made it the closing track on the record.”

Whereas mastermind Trent Reznor‘s performance is eerie Sylvette‘s take resonates fragile, sending shivers down your spine. like Sigur Ros does so wonderfully. I’m sure Reznor will like it.

Tune in.

NIN’s original.

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