New UNCUT MAGAZINE Issue With BJÖRK As The Cover Star

18 September 2022

Returning to Iceland, BJÖRK found herself putting down roots, reconnecting with her ancestry, losing her mother and becoming a grandmother. The result is new album Fossfora (out on 30th September) – the final part of her own post-divorce pagan comedy that’s taken her from America, via heaven and hell, back to Reykjavík again. Stand by for revelations involving mushrooms, Icelandic obituary songs, headbanging and “punching dinosaurs in the stomach! “I just wanted to land on planet Earth and dig my toes into the soil,” she explains to Uncut.

This new issue also features Cat Power, The Ruts, Steely Dan,
Lamont Frazier, Joe Strummer, Herbie Hancock
and more.

Her new single

You can purchase a copy and let it be sent to your home. Info here.

Artwork new album ‘Fossfora’


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