2022: A Space Odyssey – Forget Reality With New Mind-Relaxing Electronic Album ‘THE EMPIRE OF THE FOUR MOONS’

20 September 2022

The story of The Empire of the Four Moons is a novel by German author Enko Landmann. It’s regarded as a classic of utopian literature and the struggle of the conglomerate of the 4 Moons for a future-oriented autonomy against a rundown decadence of the Reflectors of Bycicl could be regarded as common property
in the cultural memory of Europe.

German record label Gruselthon, a label for exceptional music on progressive recording media invited electronic orientated musicians to translate Enko Landmann’s “Empire of the Four Moons” into music.

The label describes the CD as: “Modern electronic music created
for the modern music lovers of our nuclear age.

Expect a mind-relaxing trip into space with instrumental synth-symphonic compositions
by Boston duo Violet Nox, psych-folk-instrumental duo from Charlottesville/Columbus(US) Heron & Crane, German musician Verhülsdonk, and DJ/electro-music-maker Dispess. Maybe this 2022 c Space Odyssey will inspire Pink Floyd to reunite and make a new milestone record, named ‘The Dark Side Of The Four Moons.’

Dim the lights, sit down, relax,
and forget reality for a while.

Stream/buy here…

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