Indie Britrockers YELLOW BELLIES Score Hole-In-One With New Ripper ‘FRANKIE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

24 September 2022

Who: You’re girlfriend’s new
favourite indies from Brighton

New single: FRANKIE
An ode to that needy, self-deprecating urge to sacrifice your own well-being just to get someone’s attention, Frankie oozes with fuzz-filled, belting melodies that you just can’t help but sing along to.

“We’ve all been in a relationship where either you or your partner over dramatically play the role of self-sabotaging heretic, heralding oneself as a martyr for love. And in this track she goes by ‘Frankie’. So the songs really about that side of oneself that you hate to admit you either still have, or have experienced in the past”.

TUTV: Sharper and more barbed than Weezer. Actually the overall characteristic
indie-sound difference between sharp-cutting Brits and radio-friendly Americans.
rattles and rumbles. Piercing guitars, funky cadence, agitated vocals, and
a titan chorus. Listen to you girlfriend and find out why this is her fav band.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotify


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