Texan Garage Rock Gunslingers MEAN MOTOR SCOOTER Release Bad-Ass Single/Video ‘SLACKER’

4 October 2022

Who: A kinda fuzzy, kinda surfy garage-rock band from Fort Worth (Texas)
founded in 2015 by singer and guitar player Sammy Kidd, drummer Jeffrey
and bassist Joe Tacke. So far they released 1 album and 1 EP.

photo by Dustin Schnieder

New single/video: SLACKER

Kidd: “Our biggest enemy is usually ourselves. We subconsciously sabotage
our own lives constantly. This video was a fun way to show that. We wanted it
to be funny and lighthearted but also touch on some actual stuff and not be

Turn Up The Volume: Yeah! Holy smoke, yeah! Slacker storms full tilt from
the get-go and never slows down. It’s a maddening missile that explodes on
the clamorous chorus. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes.

Look in the mirror first, ask yourself if you’re an idiot, messing up yourself and
the ones around you frequently, and turn thereafter your resilient speakers’
decibels to the absolute, illegal max. Even idiots deserve to go berserk at this
mean bad-ass motorrocker.

Meet the slacker here…

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